Responsible Intellectual Property Licensing Group

Welcome to the RIPL Group. We are an organization devoted to encouraging the support of innovation, business development and sustainability in intellectual property licensing programs. We believe that encouraging innovation and business creation, while being aware of the potential impact of our actions on the environment, are goals worthy of support. We are comprised of a group of member organizations who share the view that support of these goals should be accorded a role in IP licensing.

Member organizations acknowledge a set of Responsible IP Licensing guidelines, and have committed to direct a substantial percentage of IP licensing revenue towards individuals and organizations that have goals in common with the RIPL Group.

To date the RIPL Group supporters have donated well over US $100K to various individuals and organizations including nonprofits that work towards the RIPL goals. Member organizations in good standing have the right to use the RIPL Group brand in their IP licensing endeavors, to demonstrate their commitment to these goals.